LED lamp

The merchandise is identified as
the DMF's DRD2M LED Lamp. 


This LED Lamp (light bulb) measures approximately
2.25 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter. It consists of a die-cast
aluminum housing with cooling ridges that replaces a traditional heat sink. 


Integrated within the housing are LEDs, a lens, a diffuser, a reflector, a
driver, an electrical isolator and power plug. 


Three wires are attached to the
back of the lamp. Two of the wires are joined with a power plug. The wires are
designed for a secure connection in a junction box or high hat and recessed
light fixtures. The lamp is a screw-in replacement of a standard light



The applicable subheading for the DMF's DRD2M
LED Lamp will be 8539.50.

https://rulings.cbp.gov/index.asp,  August 21, 2017