“Anti-Stress Person”


product consists of a stress-relief item in the shape of a person.

The object is a 3-dimensional full
figured person with head, arms and legs. Printed on the person’s face are
glasses and a smile, while the word “BOSS” is printed across the chest.

The item suggests that bosses are a
source of stress, and by squeezing the object the user can release his or her
stress in an amusing manner.

The outer surface of the
Anti-Stress Person is made of natural latex rubber while the inside is filled
with a maltose corn syrup-based liquid that provides the squishy feeling for
stress-relief. The top of the person’s head contains an ABS plastic cap to hold
in the liquid. The item measures approximately 4.5”(L) x 3”(W) and is
principally designed for the amusement of children and adults ages 8 and older.

Subheading HS: 9503.00.

Source: https://rulings.cbp.gov/index.asp,  August 17, 2017 (N288409)